• Small bolt packs include all necessary hardware for attaching a set of handrails (four handrails posts) to a ramp or platform:
    •  (8) 1" x 5/16" Carriage Bolt
    • (4) 2" x 5/16" Carriage Bolt
    • (12) 5/16" Washers
    • (12) 5/16" Hex Nuts
  • Square ends are used to enclose and terminate the end of a handrail when space may be an issue. Square ends are sold individually and include pre-installed aluminum inserts (not pictured). Rampit USA recommends using ANSI loops whenever space allows.
  • Stringers are shaped like an upside-down letter "F" and enclose all Rampit USA ramps and platforms. On platforms, two of the four stringers are usually flipped upside-down to create a smooth transition on and off the platform. Platform stringers are cut at 45-degree angles, whereas ramp stringers are cut at 90-degree angles. Stringers are sold individually and cut to the length specified. For a matching set, please add two of the same size to your cart.
  • Support Assembly

    A support assembly is made up of a crossarm, including two leg clamps and two crossarm clamps, and two complete legs. Support assemblies are installed underneath a ramp and are used to connect two individual ramp sections.


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